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A person petting their cat

Patient Stories

Lucky’s Story





Lucky had always been a super friendly, happy, and lovable cat. But one night, everything changed.



On October 12, 2022, Lucky was brought into our hospital. She had been involved in a house fire a few weeks ago, went missing, and presumed dead.  They brought her in as soon as they saw her come around and were able to catch her, as she was terrified. She was otherwise a super friendly and happy cat.

Upon arrival, it was noticed she was extremely thin and her collar she had been wearing was caught under her left front leg and was embeded into the armpit and needed to be surgically removed. The collar caused a wound to form and an infection to start. Over 70% of her body had been burned in the fire and she had patches of fur and skin missing. She was admitted immediately. Due to her skin being so fragile, she had to be sedated to examine the extent of her wounds. The collar was removed and upon further examination, it was discovered she was suffering from collagen disease due to lack of proper nutrition while missing. This caused her skin to be extremely thin and fragile and if not super careful while handling her, her skin would tear like paper.











She had a long road to recovery ahead of her. There were a few times we didn’t think she would make it. However, Lucky is a strong spirit and pulled through to the very end. She had to undergo multiple laser treatments, and medical treatments. Her wounds would heal along her back and every time she was about to be cleared to go home, new ones would appear.  Finally, in January of 2023, after taking medications for two and a half months, it was determined that her skin was less fragile, and the decision was made to sedate her and suture the armpit wound as it was less likely the stitches would tear the skin and fall out because her skin was healthier and stronger.



Her owners would come and visit multiple times a week, letting her know they did not abandon her and gave her tons of love in addition to the love we were giving her while in our care. We feel this helped Lucky in staying strong so she could recover and go home.

Finally, on 2/7/2023, about 4 months of treatments, lasers, and lots of attention, Lucky was discharged and got to go home with her loving family.

Two weeks later she came in for her final recheck and the wounds had all but healed and the armpit was back to normal. Looking at her now, you would never know the events she went through.

Before:                                                                       After:


We Would like to thank Lucky’s Owners for making this book and gifting it to us, as well as giving us permission to share her story. We are all attached to Lucky and are glad to see she is doing well.